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Manufacturing Expertise

Unleash your ERP data, consolidate disparate departments, and blow away competition.


Manufacturing companies need a different kind of CRM. ForgeCRM Manufacturing solutions on are specifically tailored to address today’s business challenges within the Manufacturing industry. Our Salesforce expertise, alongside our deep industry experience, will transform your Sales, Customer Service/Support, Marketing, Partner Management, Engineering, and Operation teams to work on one platform and provide a compelling time to value.

Sales Solution Challenges
Limited Forecast & Pipeline Visibility
Disparate sales tracking tools and sales processes leave management in the dark.
Frustrated Sales Team 
No single customer view leads to cumbersome data retrieval and entry processes, especially while on the road.
Data Stuck in ERP Systems 
Limited analytics to management and teams with limited or no data access while on the road.
Lack of Competitive Insight 
No customer specific plans and lack of information on market share, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
Siloed Department
Difficult to engage and collaborate with other departments.
Challenges for Customer Support/Service Divisions
Disconnected Service Team
Lack of collaboration and visibility with production means long repair time & missed opportunities to improve product quality. Lack of collaboration and visibility with sales means missed cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Limited Service Metrics 
Key metrics used to improve departments are unavailable, difficult to obtain, or are inaccurate. Limited or no analytics to management.
Inconsistent Service
Inconsistent data and processes with no single knowledge source means customers receive inconsistent answers, service, and unmet SLAs.
Warranty/Claims Processes
Complex warranty/claims processes and inability to connect it with service parts planning and customer master.
Challenges for Partner Management (Dealers, Resellers, Representatives)
Sharing Data & Pipeline Visibility
Sharing leads, opportunities, pricing, and sales collateral with partners is cumbersome and ineffective. Limited visibility into the partner pipeline makes it very difficult to generate accurate forecasts.
Unproductive Collaboration 
Current systems and processes do not allow for alignment with partners or useful collaboration.
No Analytics on Partners 
No visibility into partner performance makes it difficult to drive channel revenue and build partner relationships and loyalty.
Challenges for Marketing
Content Sharing with Sales & Service
No collaboration with Sales & Service makes it hard to maximize on campaigns, share marketing calendar/events, share marketing insights, consider new products, and collaborate on marketing content.
Unknown ROIs on Campaigns
Inability to track and measure marketing campaign effectiveness due to no tie-in to campaign on won deals or converted leads – OR – simply no ability to track campaigns.
Challenges for Production/Floor/Engineering
Collaboration & Data Sharing with Sales
No collaboration with or visibility into Sales makes it difficult to plan which leads to stock-out, backlog, or highlight as an inventory issue. Inability to align on tasks that Sales is requesting.
Collaboration & Data Sharing with Service
No collaboration with or visibility into Service tickets makes it difficult to improve product quality. No visibility, actions, or collaboration on RCAs, NCRs, CARs or PARs.
Unsure Investment in New Products
Limited ability to manage, evaluate, and collaborate on potential new products by involving Sales and Marketing.