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What Uponor Says
About ForgeCRM!


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Excellence Defined

After an extensive review of SaleForce business partners, Uponor North America selected ForgeCRM Consulting to implement a somewhat unique SalesForce business solution. It was unique in the sense that we required a solution that was not static, but adaptable and supportable by Uponor’s internal SalesForce Information Technology resources. Given that, the totality of ForgeCRM’s excellence in all phases of the project was impressive, from the detailed Project Planning, documentation, and Status Reporting. To the meticulous adherence to project requirements and all aspects of project oversight and governance, ForgeCRM provided a solution which aligned with our business model requirements in every detail. They worked seamlessly with our Information technology staff to deploy a solution who’s intuitive intelligence, efficiency, and effectiveness was nothing short of remarkable, and they did it all in 60 days. I can honestly say I have never been more impressed with a company and its staff professionals, ForgeCRM definitely sets a high standard of excellence, which they executed to from day 1 on our project, something which is often absent in today’s business world. Uponor North America would not hesitate to engage ForgeCRM in the future, in fact we would look forward to the opportunity.

Mark Mattei, Manager of Application Support, Uponor North America

What CCTFA Says
About ForgeCRM!


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Salesforce Gurus with amazing customer service

Ryo and Jericho made our transition from an extremely convoluted, complicated database system to Salesforce very comfortable and easy. They provided us with excellent support and training. I would recommend ForgeCRM to anyone that needs a complicated work flow made simple and efficient. We will definitely be working with them in the future. Awesome job guys and thank you for being so patient with us :)

Amy Sutherland, Administrative Coordinator, Member Services & Communications
Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CCTFA)

What Noble Precision
Says About ForgeCRM!

Noble Precision

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Salesforce Implementation… Nicely Done!

“ForgeCRM Consulting is a group of consummate professionals who not only get the job done right; they go out of their way to make it look effortless. I enjoyed working with Ryo, Steve and Vik throughout this very quick implementation and customization of Salesforce 1. Thanks Guys!

Sarah Madsen, Director, Sales/Marketing/Customer Service

What Industrial Commodities
Says About ForgeCRM!

industrial commodities

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Salesforce Implementation & SAP B1 Integration

“The ForgeCRM team helped us implement salesforce and integrate with our operational database in an awesome fashion. Work was done on time and to an exacting degree. The teams took the time to learn our business, and apply it to a functional foundation for our sales team! Great to work with!

Joe Pryor, Vice President, Operations

What Promine
Says About ForgeCRM!

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Salesforce implementation

“The ForgeCRM team helped us customize and implement sales cloud, service cloud, data migration and app integration. We had a very positive experience working with their consulting team. Their deep understanding of Salesforce and strategic thinking guided us through detailed processes to make sure we adapt Salesforce to our internal processes. The ForgeCRM team went above and beyond to meet our solution needs.!

Naoufel Testaouni, Business Strategy Manager

What TwentyTen Group
Says About ForgeCRM!


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Exactly what we were looking to achieve!

“Our team at the TwentyTen Group was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with consultant, Pranav Sampat, and sales lead, Paul Chawla, from ForgeCRM. From the start, Paul and Pranav listened and understood our needs.

Once the project began, Pranav knew the right questions to ask, and the solutions to implement. We were able to add new reports and management dashboards that allow our Senior Team to analyze our targets, funnel, etc. at the click of a button. This was a very successful project and I look forward to working with ForgeCRM in the future!
Jordan Harding, Associate

What State of Israel Bonds
Says About ForgeCRM!

Israel Bonds Canada

Customer Rating_5-star_small Services

We have worked with ForgeCRM on several projects, some larger in scale than others, and we have always found them to be consistent and reliable. They take the time to understand the project requirements and are successful at keeping deliverables on time. We will continue to work with ForgeCRM on future development as they have earned our trust as knowledgeable Salesforce Partners.”
Ronit (Hochman) Kaidar, Director

What Tenzing Says
About ForgeCRM!


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From SFDC Implementation to Customization

We migrated from Dynamics to SFDC with little experience internally. ForgeCRM held our hands from the very beginning – from setting up, configuring, and implementing the basic CRM functions to incorporating our own sales processes and requirements.
We also had to do some customization work shortly after the initial rolling out, and the whole process was very smooth and the consultant Brett was great to work with, patiently answering all the questions we had. Highly recommend!
Jess Lee, Senior Inside Sales

What CIRA Says
About ForgeCRM!


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Salesforce Implementation

ForgeCRM helped us complete the implementation process in a timely and efficient manner. They took the time to understand our business and needs, and what would be required to complete a successful implementation. I will work with them again as we expand our use of the Salesforce platform.
Jason Lavigne, Registration Services Supervisor

What BCCIE Says
About ForgeCRM!


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Salesforce Implementation for Crown Corporation

ForgeCRM helped us complete the implementation process in a timely and efficient manner. As a Crown Corporation, we deal with stakeholders as opposed to customers and they were very helpful in tailoring a solution that would make sense for our business.

Our consultant, Pranav, was very easy to work with and walked us through each step of the implementation process with our needs in mind. While we chose to do our own data port, he was still able to guide us with quick tips and suggestions, which made the porting process smoother. He also pointed out potential opportunities for future implementation, so we can continue to improve efficiencies in our workflow process. We would not hesitate to recommend ForgeCRM’s work in future. Thank you.
Christina Wu, Project Manager