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ForgeCRM has over 300 successfully completed projects in a variety of industries.
We are Canada's #1 rated Salesforce Partner by customers.


Privileged with the experience of working as Consultants in’s own Professional Services division (now known as Expert Services), ForgeCRM’s founders, Rohan and Harpreet, learned that implementing requires:

  • A unique methodology based on the size of business
  • An understanding that standard functionality should be leveraged as much as possible to ensure the Client maximizes ROI on their licenses
  • Consideration of User Adoption at every phase of the implementation

So in 2010, Harpreet and Rohan founded ForgeCRM Consulting to fill an important gap in the partner community – projects implemented using methodology focused on adoption and scalability.

Immediately snatched up by as a contractor that they could trust to fulfill Professional Services clients, ForgeCRM started off strong. Since then, ForgeCRM has become the #1 customer-rated partner in Canada for the Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Software, and Wealth Management industries.


ForgeCRM’s focus on customer success automatically generates the success of ForgeCRM through rave reviews, testimonials, referrals, and an extremely high percentage of return business. Every client is viewed as a partnership, not a single project. Following in the footsteps of, ForgeCRM has worked hard to put together a Customer-For-Life (CFL) program to ensure Client’s continue to exceed their business goals while experiencing phenomenal customer service.


ForgeCRM is a proud follower of Marc Benioff’s V2MOM business planning strategy and we’d like to share our Vision and Values with you.


To grow our business into a recognized firm in brand and customer success that dominates the Canadian commercial market in delivering the highest quality customer solutions &  services.



  • Quality: Exceeding client expectations is our driving force
  • Execution & Operational Excellence: Scalable, self-sustainable & repeatable success
  • Empowerment: Motivating everyone we engage with

We are the experts on and a client is an expert in their business. Trusting we can dissect their requirements and ask the right questions for more clarity is vital. Our team is more than tech experts; they have business consulting experience with a passion for technology. They possess the rare combination of knowing, understanding, and dissecting business processes and a deep technical expertise in With this combination of skills, they are able to create processes and applications that output insightful information to executives, have the ability to scale through’s quarterly releases, and have high adoption because end-users want to use them.


Senior Management


Harpreet Aujla
Managing Partner

Harpreet brings a breadth of experience from some of the largest firms in Canada, which has enabled him to focus on customer success by establishing project methodology and an emphasis on becoming a trusted advisor.


Rohan Verma
Managing Partner

Rohan is extremely passionate about pushing the platform to its limits. His deep experience and knowledge about all cloud technologies ensures BigKite solutions are at the bleeding edge.


Ian Anderson
Vice President, Sales

Ian is a Cloud Computing sales professional with over 14 years experience in transforming sales, marketing and support lines of business. He is focused on driving revenue and delivering customer success.


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