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Customer Success Story:
DART Aerospace


DART Aerospace is a helicopter parts manufacturer. DART supports all types of civil and military operators, all major rotorcraft OEMs, completion centers, and maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities.  The focus of this project was to centralize customer data to improve visibility and collaboration into sales and customer support.  The overall goal was to improve revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Project Duration: Six months

Watch the video below to see how we implemented Salesforce success at DART!


  • Information was in disparate locations that impacted visibility and reporting across the sales division. (Multiple databases, excel, email, ERP, etc.)
  • Sales team had challenges viewing customer and order information on the road
  • Inability to capture and understand open issues and associated actions
  • Customer support collaboration with other departments (engineering, production, etc.)
  • Current Customer Support system was tedious and limiting


  • Centralize client information from ERP into
  • Deploy Enterprise Edition Sales Cloud.
  • Deploy Enterprise Edition Service Cloud
  • Enable Mobile
  • Deploy Chatter
  • Integration of Intuitive ERP via ETL


  • Real-time visibility into Sales and Support
  • Enhanced Sales and Support processes
  • Improved information capture and visibility to allow for a more proactive approach on both teams
  • Centralized data provides a scalable solution to enable rapid growth
  • Integration provides more complete customer record for reps in the field and support

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