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Salesforce Forecast and SQL Integration

We partnered with ForgeCRM to have them implement forecasting and push commission’s data from SQL Server to Salesforce. After working with a different partner previously on our initial setup for Salesforce, working with ForgeCRM was a breath of fresh air. Much time was taken on their part to understand our business and figure out the best course of action to take to implement, as our setup of Salesforce is somewhat unconventional. ForgeCRM recommended tools to use, explained the process every step of the way, and did not hesitate to ask questions when our processes and needs were not clear. These add-ons are working perfectly, and we are planning to roll them out to the rest of our staff in the next few weeks. We would absolutely recommend ForgeCRM, and look forward to working with them on any of our future Salesforce projects.
Shannon Smith, Operations Administrator

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