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Marketing CRM Solutions

Not being able to track end users and ROI is a thing of the past

Marketing Automation

Complete Marketing Automation

Email & social marketing, lead generation & management, and ROI:
1. Create custom landing pages
2. Create custom targeted nurture email campaigns
3. Measure against actionable KPIs

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Insightful Campaigns

Significantly improve productivity by automating the generation of campaign attribution and effectiveness KPIs.

Centralize and plan your marketing initiatives with collaboration from sales.

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360 Campaigns
Cross Sell Upsell

Recommend Upsell, Cross-Sell, and Bundle Associations

Make upselling and cross-selling thousands of products a breeze for your Sales team by showing your recommendations when sales generates quotes.

Connect and associate your products to see them being recommended when sales generates quotes.

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Insightful Product Profiles

All the information about your Products in one place: Product specific documents, performance dashboards from ERP data and engineering specs.

Sales, Marketing and Service have never been more aligned.

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360 Products
360 accounts reflection - web

Insightful Account Profiles

All the data you care about and context sensitive for Customers, Channel Partners, End Users and Competitors.

Account specific data points and dashboards mashup ERP and CRM data into actionable information specific to how you operate.

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