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Integrate and Load Data

We had uplifting experience working with ForgeCRM to integrate our existing system with Salesforce. Facing challenges with an “older technology” in our database structure, ForgeCRM was able to seamlessly integrate and load data in standard/custom Salesforce objects. Their implementation guidance and phased approach resulted in a shorter learning curve for our users while emphasizing a flexible and scalable solution. ForgeCRM remained adaptable in their schedule and accommodated our level of experience with the utmost professionalism and quickly addressed the few issues in the production environment. We will continue to utilize the professional services of ForgeCRM for additional integration and custom solutions. I still remain impressed with the creativity, technical ability and the final (phase 1) product that was delivered. Thank you for all your efforts Ryo & the rest of the ForgeCRM Team!
Wayne Hinrichs, General Manager

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