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Sales CRM Solutions

Transform to a customer-centric organization with Traction Forge

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Insightful Account Profiles

All the data you care about and context sensitive for Customers, Channel Partners, End Users and Competitors.

Account specific data points and dashboards mash up all back office and CRM data into actionable information specific to how you operate.

Strategic Account Planning & Forecasting

Accurately manage and predict your customers – use historical data to create account-specific demand planning based on your products.

Automatically measure performance and accuracy through roll up of sales order or invoice ERP data.

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Quota & Attainment

Take budgeting out of spreadsheets and use it to measure performance of your territories and reps.

Automatically measure rep performance to plan through roll up of sales order or invoice ERP data.

Customer/Tiered Pricing

Reduce pricing errors and quoting time by handling complex pricing and discounting across regions, customers and channels.

Assign Pricebooks to Accounts to ensure accurate prices on quotes

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Quote Management

Standardize your quoting and pricing process across the company.

A smart system that generates PDFs, manages approvals, uses your products and pricing and recommends upsell and cross-sell products

Role-Specific Dashboard & Reports

Make smarter decisions faster.

Effectively manage your team based on real-time performance to KPIs.

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Bring a mobile front-end to your legacy ERP data. 

Allow your team to efficiently work from anywhere.

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