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After an extensive review of SaleForce business partners, Uponor North America selected ForgeCRM Consulting to implement a somewhat unique SalesForce business solution. It was unique in the sense that we required a solution that was not static, but adaptable and supportable by Uponor’s internal SalesForce Information Technology resources. Given that, the totality of ForgeCRM’s excellence in all phases of the project was impressive, from the detailed Project Planning, documentation, and Status Reporting. To the meticulous adherence to project requirements and all aspects of project oversight and governance, ForgeCRM provided a solution which aligned with our business model requirements in every detail. They worked seamlessly with our Information technology staff to deploy a solution who’s intuitive intelligence, efficiency, and effectiveness was nothing short of remarkable, and they did it all in 60 days. I can honestly say I have never been more impressed with a company and its staff professionals, ForgeCRM definitely sets a high standard of excellence, which they executed to from day 1 on our project, something which is often absent in today’s business world. Uponor North America would not hesitate to engage ForgeCRM in the future, in fact we would look forward to the opportunity.

Mark Mattei, Manager of Application Support, Uponor North America

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